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Honolulu Reproductive Endocrinologist Christopher Huang has more than a decade of experience treating infertility, and has dedicated himself to pursuing the latest techniques in assisted reproductive technologies. Dr. Huang is the most experienced Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist offering IVF in the State of Hawaii, making him unique among other physicians in the state. He strongly believes that an informed and educated patient, nurtured by a compassionate and understanding medical team, makes the best health care decisions.

“The Advanced Reproductive Center of Hawaii is an intimate, cost sensitive fertility center I designed to provide excellent medical care by personally guiding each patient’s treatment from beginning through conception. After being involved with several large fertility clinics, I found that patients were especially frustrated with two things: the extraordinary costs, and the feeling of being part of a fertility mill. At the Advanced Reproductive Center of Hawaii you will always feel like part of our team. I understand that starting a family is a major undertaking, and by the time you walk through our doors you have been challenged with the difficulties of becoming parents. Some of you may even have been told your dream of having a child is impossible. As your fertility specialist, I promise to exhaust all avenues of your fertility treatment. You will be given all the time and energy your individual situation and concerns require. I look forward to you joining our family, and being able to help you start your family!”
-Christopher Huang, MD.


Advanced Reproductive Center of Hawaii

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